Honkai impact 3 change valkyrie on deck

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Honkai impact 3 change valkyrie on deck

You get more info on the Valkyrie in the dorm and there are challenges for improving the affection with Valkyries. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join?


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Combat system

HonkaiImpact submitted 1 day ago by screamroots. Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. It also changes their lines on the main screen when you click on the "white cloud" :. So in the other servers the new valkyries can react when you tap them? No Racism, extremism, bullying, vulgarities against any person or any form of derogatory remark is to be posted in any part or form, in a post or comment in this sub-reddit.

This sub-reddit is about Honkai Impact so keep all posts and comments relevant to Honkai Impact. Includes, but not limited to self promotional videos or content, repeated posts and any posts which has no value to this sub-reddit.It is the third entry in the Honkai series and spiritual successor to Honkai Gakuen[1] using many characters from the previous title in a separate story.

The game is notable for incorporating a variety of genres from hack and slash and social simulation to elements of bullet hellplatformingshoot 'em up and dungeon crawling across multiple single and multiplayer modes.

In addition to the mobile game, the storyline of Honkai Impact 3rd spans multiple supplementary media including an anime series, [2] multiple manhua series, [3] and promotional videos. Honkai Impact 3rd has players control a team of up to three characters, known as "Valkyries", in real-time combat against various enemies. During battle, players may freely move their character around the battlefield and switch between their three deployed Valkyries to adapt to various enemy types.

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Each Valkyrie has unique attack, evasion, switch, and ultimate skills, as well as a rock-paper-scissors -based character type to fulfill different team roles. Valkyrie stats and skills can be customized with various weapons and equipment, which can be improved by using in-game resources.

New equipment known as "Stigmata"weapons, and Valkyries can obtained either through in-game crafting or through a gacha system. Single-player game modes include the "Story" campaign, consisting of short stages punctuated by dialogue in cutscenes and full motion videos FMVs"Chronicles", a series of brief side stories that explore Valkyries' backstories, and "Open World", allowing exploration of a large open-ended field to gather materials and complete various challenge tasks, coupled with its own storyline.

The game features various multiplayer cooperative and competitive modes such as "Co-Op Raid", where players team up to unlock legendary weapons; "Memorial Arena", where players compete against a set of bosses for the highest score; and "Dirac Sea", where players attempt to progress as far as possible through a gauntlet of battles to compete for high scores.

Players are able to join groups of other players, called "Armadas", which allow for more opportunities for events and rewards. Armadas allow for limited requesting of materials and resources from other players in the Armada. Outside of battles, Honkai Impact 3rd allows players to interact with the Valkyrie and Stigmata characters through the "Dorm" mode.

Upon completing character specific tasks, different characters may be able to move into the dorms, whereupon new character information and dialogues between those characters can be seen. Players can craft various pieces of furniture and design the layout of the dorm rooms to increase the "comfort" of the Valkyries and Stigmata therein. Greater comfort levels allow players to level up their dorm limits for more elaborate decoration. Players are able to visit and view each other's decorated dorm layouts.

Secondary gameplay mechanics include various minigames incorporating bullet hellplatformingand shoot 'em up elements that allow players to gather various crafting and experience materials. Limited-time seasonal events may also include gameplay styles such as dungeon crawling and battle royale which are not normally seen in the main gameplay modes. Each Valkyrie can equip one type of weapon. The weapon types in the game include artillery, gun, sword, sickle, Samurai sword, cross, etc.

After players obtain weapons, they can upgrade and upgrade the weapons to improve their attribute effect. Each Valkyrie can wear three Stigmata.

Players can increase their characters' attack, health, defense, critical chance, and other attribute effects while those characters wear various Stigmata.

The Stigmata system can be divided into three types: upper, middle and lower, which correspond to the attributes of attack, defense, and auxiliary. Players can also activate a hidden suit effect when wearing two or three Stigmata of the same suit. Players can obtain Stigmata through the gacha and game stage completions. After players obtain Stigmata, they can strengthen, upgrade, cultivate and other operations to improve the Stigmata [7]. Players can enhance Valkyrie stats by "enhancing" leveling-up weapons and Stigmata.

Stigmata level up requires a different exp item type than weapons. Upon "enhancement", the equipment can get a better attribute effect bonus. Players can improve the attribute effect of equipment by upgrading weapons and Stigmata.

Honkai Impact 3rd - Valkyrie change outfit voice lines Part 1 - Subtitle [ID/ENG]

All weapons or Stigmata can upgrade the star level through "upgrade"-ing. After upgrading, maximum level limit increases, allowing better effects from the weapon. More advanced weapons and Stigmata require more advanced upgrade materials.

Players can obtain upgrade materials by challenging all kinds of scenario copies, extracting from supplies, purchasing in stores, etc.

Honkai Impact 3rd is set in an alternate version of Earth, plagued by catastrophes resulting from "Honkai" chinese translates as "Chaos". Honkai is largely viewed as a malevolent force with a will of its own, able to corrupt humans into undead creatures, manifest itself in the form of various monsters, and select various individuals known as "Herrschers" to imbue with god-like powers able to trigger apocalyptic events.

The Honkai is a cyclic phenomenon, returning to end civilization on Earth each time it gets too advanced - the Previous Era ended 50, years prior to the game's start, after the 14th Herrscher defeated humanity.Valkyries are powerful female warriors that are infused with Honkai Energy by the Schicksal organization. Because Honkai Energy is extremely volatile, many valkyries are at risk of losing their lives not only in battle but within themselves as well.

If a valkyrie succumbs to Honkai Energy, they will become zombies like those seen on the battlefield and will mindlessly seek to destroy humanity. Please offer these girls your full support, Captain! For clarification, Valkyries each have multiple Battlesuits but are often referenced as Valkyries as well.

Want to upgrade your Valkyrie Battlesuits? Check out the handy Evolution and Fragment Farming Guide! Sign In. From Honkai Impact 3 Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View Edit Edit source History. Community Main Website Discord Facebook.

This page was last edited on 19 Aprilat Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. Support Contact PRO.It's odd, but I wonder if it's just a result of being new and not really being cemented into the meta. The description, via Google translate, lists her as "Mid tier" and an "Excellent physical damage dealer, with sustained damage output, and does not depend on support characters.

Both good and bad points". I just think they chose the wrong type for BK. It shouldn't be Mecha which now is somewhat filled with powerful shit of all kinds. It should be Psychic which severely lacks physical attackers It's either Roza or UR. And BK is certainly better than both at dealing dmg. Yeah thats what i've been saying almost since they announced her.

If they were gonna make her mech I would've appreciated a mitigation to the penalty like herrschers. Still, no way they'd change something as far as a character's type unfortunately. Hell, it's the only substitute and it's free. Aye, the decision making in gacha-involved games made me see that it's harder to be happy once I overlook the joy of past successful pulls because of failure in more recent ones XD.

No idea, but her section translates to "good physic character who does constant physical damage. She doesn't really need a support character which can be both good and bad". The best buff currently for her is to just speed up her animations and maybe her base attack speed.

Her dps is so bad due to animations Agree on the fun part, but if you're looking for high placement then she is not the best investment, pulled her anyway for the fun factor haha. Last time Ice rita was missing. Next list Keys of the void will bring HoV back on the list. Anyway I tried 10 pulls on Durandal because she is fun to play. Not really, I actually read the original article, and the author explains everything that made it into the list is part of the current meta.

So BK isn't bad, it's just not at the very top.

honkai impact 3 change valkyrie on deck

And the description for BK in this their list is that it doesn't rely on support as much-- which is both a weakness and a strength. Lastly, from the 4. According to the the original author, anything not in the list is MOT meta.

honkai impact 3 change valkyrie on deck

So the characters in this list, even at the bottom, doesn't mean they're bad, just not the dominating meta. Last I heard HOV was dethroned. Good as a support now. At least what I heard I could be wrong but that was the common consensus among CN players. Does anyone know how to get that goemon set for hawk of the fog? I know it's gacha stigs but is there a way to know when they put it on the focused cache?

Im asking for suggestion on what should I focus on getting first or build up They're a powerful duo when you get them both to ult. If possible Starlit Astrologos is gonna have a banner in 4. Ah yes thank you! My SP is now fully gear woahh! I only need CH, and hitting level 79 so almost near to have pri unlocked. Also got beethoven M and working up to get my second Newtb woah! I also have 11th now too hehe all that in jist 2weeks.In the official Honkai Impact 3rd game, there is a Combat System present when battling.

There are some mechanics that are unique to certain characters and some powerful skills that can change the tide of battle in-game. Evade can be used to avoid enemy hits, the effect of evasion skill is depending on battlesuit used.

Some characters like Yamabuki ArmorDimension Breaker or Bright Knight - Excelsis does replace evade with the block function and vice versa. Added in version 3. Introduced in version 3. Branch attack will be replaced with Charge attack when using some characters like any playable Murata Himeko or Bronya Zaychik. QTE skill is a special skill that can be launched by tag-in if your Valkyrja has been triggered by a special conditions; float, frozen, stun, etc This type of ultimate can be found when using some specific characters which their normal attack is replaced with more powerful "Burst Attacks" when using Burst Mode.

This type was first introduced in version 2. For more information on playable characters visit their standalone battlesuit page. Post-Honkai Odyssey combat buttons.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. White Comet Basic Attack. Durandal perform Throw Attack at HoV. Categories :.It is a flying mobile fortress designed to help develop the strengths of the Valkyries and house them until they are needed to be deployed on missions.

The Base houses many facilities that can help strengthen Valkyries, allow for adventures to help gather materials and coins, or even allow Captains to make more friends. The Honkai Powercore powers the ship, Hyperion, and enables the usage of buff modules within the various facilities located on the ship.

The Honkai Powercore has a limit, however, and must be upgraded to gain more EP so that the Hyperion can power more buff modules. The Honkai Powercore is recommended to be upgraded as soon as you hit the limit.

Garmin nav maps

The Hub controls the amount of friends a Captain can register. Captains can add 2 more friends for every module unlocked for every module unlocked.

honkai impact 3 change valkyrie on deck

It is recommended only to upgrade the Hub when you wish to increase your friends list capacity. Notes: This structure used to grant more SP generation, but it was changed on the July 4th update. The Refinery collects and produces coins and materials over time. Collecting coins from the Refinery is often a necessary task in dailies and event missions. By upgrading the Refinery, Captains can add more slots for the Refinery to hold additional materials and allow for the gathering of higher rarity materials.

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Most of these materials, however, are obtained rather easily in other ways, so it is not recommended to upgrade the Refinery unless there are no there options to upgrade. Starting at captain level 35, the Command Center allows Valkyries to be deployed on "Adventures".

Deployment on Adventures does not preclude the use of valkyries elsewhere. Adventures rank from C to SSS.

Character Interaction System

Higher level Adventures have rarer possible drops and higher corresponding drop rates. Higher level Adventures may be unlocked by leveling Command Center and activating the relevant Buff Modules. S rank or higher Adventures may drop Advanced Evolution Materials ie. However, at level 22, the drop rate per Adventure is relatively low. Adventures have a refresh timer. When the refresh timer expires, all existing Adventures are replaced with new ones.

Everyday, Adventures completed the previous day will also be replaced. An Adventure may require two or more valkyries, specific valkyries, or specific types of battlesuits. Some Adventures require stamina and those that do award a proportional amount of EXP.

The length of time an Adventure takes is determined by its rank. The Command Center allows Valkyries to be deployed on "Expeditions", which is an automatic way to grind story chapter stages that drops valkyrie fragments or rare materials. An Expedition always require 3 valkyries and there is a CP requirement for each valkyrie, determined by the difficulty level of the stage, starting at CP.

Expeditions and regular battle share the same allowance per stage per day as well as the same 'pity drop' counter. The total amount of stamina a captain can spend on Expedition is limited by the captain's level. The duration of Expedition is determined by the difficulty of the stage and starts at 1 hour.

An Expedition can be completed by a valkyrie and her awaken form simultaneously. However, if a valkyrie is on Expedition, her awaken form can not be sent out on any additional Expedition.Hello, this is a boss guide for an in-depth analysis of the newly arrived Memorial Boss in 4.

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We will be taking a look into her skills and recommended teams to face her. Keep in mind that we will be analyzing her at SS rank difficulty. When she loses all of her HP once, she loses one red dot and gains a new set of HP. Her fight style will change depending on how many sets of HP she has. When both sets of HP have been depleted, with both red dots greyed out, only then will she truly be defeated. This bar will rise when certain attacks hit your valkyries and will deplete over time if they do not get hit.

The Execution Value bar only represents one valkyrie, so switching to a different valkyrie will display a different Execution Value amount instead, if any.

It's very crucial that you dodge BKE's attacks because once it fills up, you will get hit with a Throw no matter what. This wastes a lot of time and therefore diminishes your score potential.

honkai impact 3 change valkyrie on deck

You can switch to keep from getting the Execution Value maxed out if you are about to do so. First Set of HP:. BKE will always start off a battle in Retaliation State. When you attack her, she will interrupt your attack sequence and hit you with a Throw attack. Keep in mind that:. Lasts 15 seconds ; you will barely have enough time for 4 evasions and 1 mistake. For each successful evasion you perform, the bottom screen will inform you how many you have gotten so far.

This is the best time to clear away her first set of health. During this time, BKE will be very aggressive with her attacks, ranging from creating quakes to throwing lance projectiles. These attacks will raise your Execution Value and evading any of her attacks will not give you any successful evasion counts. After a while, she will re-enter Retaliation mode and the successful evasions count s reset.

Second Set of HP:. And like before, she will rotate between attacking you in a special mode and her normal attacking which is much like punishment mode instead. And immediately afterwards, she will engage you in a duel. In all instances, except the first time, she will always say " I'm challenging you to a duel. You want to destroy her shield during the duel. This shield only exists while BKE is dueling.

Keep in mind:. Duel lasts 25s. Switching to another valkyrie will regenerate some of BKE's shield. I underestimated you. When she is weakened:. Her debuffs lasts 15s. If you took too long to destroy BKE's shield within the 25s of dueling or if she still has HP left after 15s of being weakened, BKE will say " Humph, you have disappointed me " and attack you normally. During then, which is much more like a punishment phase, she will make it extremely difficult for you to approach her and deal damage.


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