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Gaster blaster wiki

Master is the brains and Blaster is the brawn when it comes to running the massive methane power plant, Underworldlocated underneath BartertownMaster exercises his will while Blaster uses his imposing size to keep the workers in line.

The very first notion for Master Blaster came from Miller's idea about a really tiny man who can barely move on top a giant, like a sparrow on the back of a rhinoceros. According to him, some people would have sufficient overall skills to make it through whereas others would only have partial skills needed to survive.

That is why Blaster was envisioned as physically very powerful but mentally weak whereas Master was the polar opposite. Their symbiosis was essential to their survival and that is why they formed a unit.

Master saw himself as the true leader of Bartertown even forcing Aunty Entity to admit it over loudspeaker and as such imposed "embargoes" that would cut off Bartertown from the power he produced.

Max was sent to observe Master and Blaster in Underworld where he learnt that Blaster was extremely sensitive to a high-pitched whistle that Max found in the wasteland, this later gave him the edge he needed to challenge Blaster to a fight in the Thunderdome.

Max defeated Blaster in combat. However, as he was about to be killed it was revealed that Blaster had a child-like mind.

Master jumped in to defend him and threatened to cut off Bartertown from power forever. Unfortunately, this led to Blaster's execution and Master's imprisonment in the pig pens beneath Bartertown.

However, soon after this he was freed and escaped from Aunty Entity and her forces on board a train stolen from Underworld, and later on the plane used by Jedediah. Contrary to popular belief - Blaster was played by two people. Paul Larsson - a plumber from Sydney played masked Blaster due to his enormous physical posture.

He was 6'8"ft tall cm and it was his screen debut. When the movie called for the reveal of Blaster's face - Stephen Hayes was utilized for this role. Although he was not outright credited for playing the face of Blaster in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome he was mentioned at the end of the credits in the "Special Thanks" section, without being credited as playing the character. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Master Blaster.

SANS GASTER BLASTER - Tournament Mode w Sans

Underworld ; The Lost Tribe. Portrayed By. Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. This Blaster! Twenty men enter, only him leave!Since Beta It only counts if he actually would take damage, so 0 ATK monsters won't trigger it.

gaster blaster wiki

This number will reset if the monster is returned the player's hand or deck, similar to the lives of The Heroine. He also has the ability to give Gaster Blasters, just like Gaster himself. But unlike Gaster, who adds them to your deck at the end of each turn, Sans adds them to your hand at the start of your turn, but also when you play it from your hand.

As of Beta This can be increased to 9 by using the Science Artifact. Sans works well in a Determination or Integrity decks since you can use Will to Fight to boost Sans' stats in early game to keep him alive and dangerous when summoned.

In Integrity, Inflation will boost him, and the soul's ability can make you able to use more blasters. Using Nice Cream Guy and Bravery spells is also recommended. Using Asriel will replenish any lost dodges and restore HP if Sans' stats have been boosted.

Gaster Blaster!Sans

Countering Sans is fairly easy. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. There are a lot of them. And previous versions of the Gaster Blaster can be found here.

Contents [ show ]. Categories :.Note: This profile covers a character who, as of now, is still shrouded in much mystery and subject to great amounts of speculation. This profile will attempt to only cover the little that is known about said character, noting if something is more theory than fact. Gaster is a mysterious entity who, prior to Undertale's most recent major patch, could only be learned about in events accessed by modifying the game's save file. Almost nothing else is known about Gaster's life aside from that and the tragic event of his death.

One day, he supposedly fell into his "creation", not only ending his life, but shattering his very essence into an endless number of pieces across time and space. However, the fact Gaster ever existed at all is never brought up except by several equally as mysterious individuals. It is almost as if some part of him, or the things he accomplished in his life, are still retained in existence, while his identity itself has more faded into obscurity, or possibly vanished from the world entirely.

Powers and Abilities: AcausalityNonexistent Physiology Physical and MentalNon-CorporealImmortality Type 5, due to his nature as both existing and not existing simultaneouslyPossible Possession Depending on whether or not he possessed Monster Kid or simply created a duplicate of themOmnipresenceSpatial Manipulation Created a new room between two points that were previously right next to each other, and erased it afterwardPossibly Void Manipulation Possibly completely erased one of his followersTechnology Manipulation The sheer presence of his followers shut down Frisk's phone.

Attack Potency : Unknown The degree to which Gaster can affect reality, if he can even do so at all, is entirely unknown. This possibly means that anything too closely linked to Gaster cannot sustain its existence, as even the fallen child cannot exist should they have his name. It should also be noted that his in-game stats would technically put him beyond Flowey 's God form, although if it is actually applicable is unknown.

Speed : Omnipresent Gaster is apparently shattered across all time and space, being everywhere and nowhere as he is stuck in limbo, forced to observe a world where everything goes on without his memory. Lifting Strength : Unknown.

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Striking Strength : Unknown. Durability : Unknown Gaster is impossible to harm by almost any means, as he technically does not even exist, at all. Likewise, it is unlikely Gaster can really cause direct harm to anything else for the same reason. Stamina : Unknown This concept no longer applies to him. Intelligence : Immense in his life, as he was supposedly a genius of unparalleled intellect.

Due to his omnipresence across existence, he is now likely omniscient to some degree. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. The message in wingdings Likely coerced by Gaster. BigSmoke wrote: Why is there no Deltarune? Something something, the full game's not out yet so we shouldn't make profiles for th Mr Exotic Goldie wrote:powers:omnipresence? Categories :. Dark darker yet darker. The darkness keeps growing. The shadows cutting deeper. Photon readings negative.

This next experiment seems very very interesting. What do you two think?Gaster's Followers relay various explanations as to what happened to Gaster. One iteration says that he "fell into his creation," another says that "his experiments went wrong," and the last says that he "shattered across space and time.

Similar to Sans and Papyrushe speaks in a typeface different from the other characters. Gaster does not have an officially known form, but there are several rooms and unused assets found in Waterfall that point to what he may have looked like. The figure is black and white with a distorted, cracked face.

Unlike every other NPC, they have no collision physics, and interacting with them will cause them to react in surprise and vanish while a sound effect plays. This room can only be accessed when the game's "fun" value is set to The door in this hallway leads to Room Once the protagonist leaves Room back into Roomthe door disappears from the corridor, though it is possible to exit the room and trigger the door's reappearance, as the fun values do not reset until the protagonist leaves the hall.

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The corridor itself becomes inaccessible once the protagonist leaves it and all values drop to 0. Upon attempting to call someone using the Cell Phone in either of these rooms, only the message "There's no response The characters in this area mention that this corridor is a bug catching spot.

An unknown character on the left side of the tall grass mentions that "there is somebody with a creepy smile behind you. However, it can also be Flowey who follows the protagonist throughout the gameSans, or even the fallen human. Room is black and has a ghostly figure in the middle of it that becomes less transparent as the protagonist approaches. All but one of the songs can be played and switched amongst each other. Upon playing Gaster's Theme, the other three songs are unable to be played again even if the player tries to do so.

After Gaster's Theme is concluded, the text "Thanks for your feedback! Be seeing you soon! To access this room and avoid the Annoying Dog error screens, a hexadecimal editor needs to be used to change the "Dogcheck" value.

Inside the game's files are strings of text that implicate a stable was planned to be put into the game. In the said stable, there is a trash can where a key can be found.

gaster blaster wiki

The phone call begins asking for somebody whose name starts with the letter "G. Even in the Japanese localization, the initial greeting is in English so as to give no further hints to what character it could be. This event only happens when "fun" values in the game fall into a specific range.Sans is a bit of an outdated class.

While he used to be quite powerful, now every class has an easy way to instant kill him. He has about 25 dodges Needs checkassuming his stamina is full. His biggest weakness is that attacking means he loses dodges. When Sans deals damage, he does KR damage which will slowly go down.

This means he ignores defense for worse or for better and it prevents healing for a bit. Sans automatically dodges when attacked except for some attacks, like Special Hell or Spear of Justice. If he runs out of stamina and tries to dodge, he gets the broken effect and sleeps for 5 seconds. Sans Summons about 30 bones, they are inaccurate and only do 1 damage each.

Sans makes a red outline before bones rise in the area. Bones do damage on a direct hit. Same as bone zone however the area and bones are larger. Moving in them will damage you, except for some attacks. Summons a Gaster Blaster with a 1 second fire delay. Summons a larger Gaster blaster with a 1. Does damage depending on how direct hit is. Summons 4 Gaster Blasters looking down on the target area.

Summons 8 Blasters in a circle pattern around the target. Summons 32 blasters in a more refined circle pattern, the circle being 16 blasters. Requires lock. Once you grab the target, the controls are w, a, s, d and spacebar. W Sends target backwards, A and D send them sideways reversed.

Master Blaster

S throws them down for 1 damage. Anything but down will do stun. Sans Slams target 15 times, doing 1 damage each. Does not take up stamina. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.Blaster Master is a platform and run and gun video game released by Sunsoft for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The game is the first in the Blaster Master series, and it spawned two spin-off games as well as two sequels. The game features a character named Jason who follows his pet frog Fred down a hole in the earth.

There he finds a tank and uses it to battle radioactive mutants. The player controls Jason and the tank Sophia the 3rd through eight levels of gameplay to find the whereabouts of Fred and to defeat the mutants and their leader, the Plutonium Boss.

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The game was praised for its smooth play control and level designs, detailed and clean graphics, and music, and it was criticized for its high difficulty level and lack of passwords or save points. The game takes place on the planet Sophia the 3rd, located near the center of the Epsilon Galaxy, in which an advanced civilization flourished. In the year of the space age calendar, the Invem Dark Star Army, led by the universe's most feared tyrant Goez, invade and conquer Sophia the 3rd.

The Science Academy of NORA, a satellite orbiting near Sophia the 3rd that somehow managed to avoid the invasion, built a weapon, an all-purpose tank called the "Metal Attacker", in a last-ditch effort to defeat Goez's army. A young soldier named Kane Gardner is chosen as the pilot of this weapon. The game's opening sequence shows Metal Attacker dropped into the battlefield. The plot of the adapted Western release Blaster Master is shown at the beginning in a cinematic slideshow as ominous music plays in the background.

Fred then touches a radioactive chest, and he grows to an enormous size; Fred and the chest then fall deeper into the hole in the earth. Blaster Master has two modes of gameplay that depend on the situation and location of the player: the first mode is where the player controls SOPHIA in a two—dimensional platform mode ; the second mode is where the player controls Jason while outside SOPHIA in either the same 2D platform mode or in a top-down perspective.

While Jason is inside SOPHIA in the 2D platforming mode, the player can attack the mutants with the main cannon which can shoot up, left, and right determined by the orientation of the tank or with one of three special weapons.

They include the following: homing missiles that, when fired, shoot 1 missile at each enemy on screen up to 4; "Thunder Break", which fires a high-damage lightning bolt downward; and "Multi Warhead Missiles", which simultaneously fires a set of three missiles at enemies in front of and diagonally up and down.

gaster blaster wiki

The player switches between the 2D platforming mode and the top-down perspective by leaving the tank and entering small doorways located throughout the game. While the remainder of the action on the screen freezes, the grenade remains active, continuing to damage the boss. After fifteen seconds the player unpauses the game to find that the boss is destroyed.

Jason and SOPHIA have separate power metersand they decrease whenever they sustain damage by an enemy or any other hazardous object or whenever Jason falls from a high place.

Players get four continues that allow them to restart the game at the same level in which they have lost all their lives. Blaster Master was created by Kenji Sada credited as Sentawho also led the development of The Wing of Madoola and wrote its main code.Gaster Blasters are weapons used by SansGasterand Papyrus.

They appear as skulls that release blasts of energy out of their mouths. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Abilities Attacking and Blocking: The Gaster Blasters are mainly used to attack enemies by releasing a blast of energy.

It can be used as a shield to block attacks, and can even block other blasts from Gaster Blasters. This Gaster Blaster is much bigger and uses a more powerful blast of energy.

Gaster Blastermination: Sans has a special attack in which he summons a big wall of Gaster Blasters towards his enemy. This attack is powerful enough to break through shields with little to no effort. This attack, however, drains much of Sans' energy. Trivia The iris color of the Gaster Blasters may vary per user.

For example, Gaster's Gaster Blasters have red and blue irises, Sans' has blue irises, while Papyrus' have red irises. Gaster Blasters are exclusive to monsters only.

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When Gaster is using Polychromatism, his Gaster Blasters have purple irises. When Sans was under Bete Noire 's control, his Gaster Blasters got affected as well, which can be clearly seen, due to them having pink eyes and pink colored blasts coming out of them, instead of blue. Categories :.


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