3d rc helicopter

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3d rc helicopter

Fly you extreme toy choppers around and inside the house in free flight or time challenging mode. The flying adventure awaits you. Take control of a super realistic RC toy helicopter while sitting in your own house. Take your toy extreme RC Heli for a stunt spin in this simple game and practice your skills without crashing your super realistic RC helicopter toy and go on flying.

Keep your airplane flying simulator, airbus or Boeing RC Comanche helicopter steady in air don't lose your flight attitude level. RC Helicopter flying simulator is a drone like helicopter simulator that takes you back to your childhood. This exciting remote controlled and radio controlled helicopter flight simulation game has rookie aviator and amazing choppers. Go behind enemy lines and cross the red canyon, swing your Comanche copter through the hurdles and waypoint to reach the helipad and clear the mission.

Navigate your helicopter chopper drone using your super flying skills, this game of helicopter simulator. This RC toy extreme helicopter Quadcopter simulator is a cool simulation game, buckle up and Get ready for an extreme drone flying adventure. This RC Helicopter Simulator 3D is the latest Helicopter flight simulator game where you get to fly a collection of amazing radio-controlled helicopters in the house and outside in the back yard!

Fly your choice of helicopter chopper in different models like cobra, apache and gunship helicopters, in realistic model behavior, life like flying fields. Try not to crash your helicopters with house stuff and furniture, try to complete the tasks before the time ends, Crashing the toy chopper heli helicopters and RC models of remote controls cost nothing, so nothing to worry about and learn to master the flying and simulation skills without any fear.

Be the best skilled RC Helicopter pilot; take control of an RC Helicopter and enjoy and unlock various chopper flying missions with 3D Chinook Helicopter, Cobra Apache heli battle gunship models in exciting simulation modes. The exciting missions of RC Toy Helicopter Simulator includes mission like flying simulating and shooting missiles at enemies, rescuing people, knocking over obstacles with wrecking balls, collecting objects, using super-powerful magnets to collect hazards and much more.

Simulate and fly various rotary and fixed wing VTOL aircraft and helicopters with flight control simulation, engaging parking scenarios for an immersive real 3D RC helicopter simulation experience. This RC Remote Control real extreme helicopter simulator is not an apache gunship heli battle, helicopter landing simulator, or helicopter cargo transporter simulator with military scenarios that spread violence, mass destruction and conflicts. This is a real toy RC helicopter flying simulator games for kids and adults of all ages who love to play and fly RC Helicopter games.

Get into the adrenaline and asphalt engine running, take off from the helipad and pilot your helicopter. Are you looking to test you flying skills and have an amazing time playing with remote controlled helicopters? Overview Specs. You must have an active Microsoft account to download the application. This download may not be available in some countries.Are you in the market for an RC helicopter, but with the wide selection of choice are not sure on what model to select? Not to worry, in this guide of the best RC helicopters, we will give you an insight into how to make a selection.

RC helicopters are a great buy for a number of reasons. There is a draw for this type of product for all ages and generations. A remote-controlled helicopter is straightforward to set up. There is no need to mess around with a complicated fuel injection system.

Also, they are quite durable, which means the average unit can take a hit or two and still keep going. The installation varies on the model you pick, but once you get going maintaining an RC helicopter is easy and generally maintenance-free.

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Flying an RC helicopter is a great stress reliever that can take your mind off things. Nowadays with electronics taking up an increasing amount of our time, this is an important point to consider. The average running costs of RC helicopters is low compared to most other aerial toy products. This is thanks to the efficiency of RC helicopters and their lightweight build. Quadcopters, or more commonly known as drones, are the new craze when it comes to flying gadgets. Firstly quadcopters are more stable in the air and therefore easier to fly.

However, the RC helicopter is typically cheaper than a quadcopter. Some people enjoy the challenge that comes with flying an RC helicopter. It flies completely different than a drone and some people want to understand the physics of helicopter flight.

For those of you that have never bought an RC helicopter before, or even played around one with, you should take the following buying tips into consideration. These rules are easy enough to follow and can save you from hefty fines. View on Amazon. The unit comes with a 2. The H is an electric RC helicopter that can be charged via USB or via an adaptor using the electricity supply at home.Sims have always been exhilarating, but nothing compares to the training systems of today.

The modern ones offer flight training for a variety of aircraft.

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They can include planeshelicoptersglidersdronesand any other bird. Simulators can also have different environments and outstanding graphics to boot.

3d rc helicopter

Radio-controlled flight simulators are a fun and practical way to train. Newbie pilots experience more crashes than skilled users. Sometimes the damage is only cosmetic. Other times an accident grounds the craft until the user replaces a broken part. Then there are those pilots who write their models off in one hit—ouch! That can be upsetting and costly.

Going to flight school from the comfort of your home reduces the risk of accidents outdoors. There used to be two worthy contenders, i.

Unfortunately, Phoenix is no longer available.

3d rc helicopter

The good news is that RealFlight is a world leader and their products are better than anything else. You may want to look at helicopters later or learn how to fly gliders, etc. You get the idea. There are a few other options though most are not in the same league as RealFlight.

Some of them are free and certainly worth a look. You can read about them further down the page. Your simulator will become an invalid tool if you treat it as such.

Not all RC models are equal. Aircraft comes in different designs, sizes, aerodynamics, power systems, and abilities. Some models are easy to pilot out of the box, even for kids. But they also have restricted flight envelopes and pretty much fly themselves.At its pinnacle, 3D flight is a series of complex maneuvers tied together in a well-choreographed sequence, flown with precision, fast action and moves that seem to defy gravity.

For onlookers, watching a top-notch flight is captivating and thrilling. For pilots, developing the skills necessary to master 3D flight is not only exciting but also a rewarding experience as they progress along the learning curve. There are no shortcuts, learning to fly like a pro takes dedication.

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And, while burning lots of fuel will help, the key to success lies in a focused practice regimen that builds a solid foundation. In this article well cover the foundational steps in the learning curve, from what you need to get started to what skills youll need to develop to become a 3D pilot. In future issues, well take a look at some of the more advanced maneuvers that are built on this foundation to form a dynamic 3D flight.

This article is not about stick movements, as I believe that learning a move requires that you think about what is occurring and figure out what correction is necessary and then practice it enough so it becomes unconscious.

It is far more important for you, the pilot, to understand why you stir your cyclic clockwise to do a piro-flip with a left-hand or counter-clockwise rotation than it is to know the stick movements.

If you didnt know that, well, look at your helicopter and radio, think about the helicopters rotation and what is happening during a piro-flip, then figure out what command on the radio is needed to make it flip. Youll soon see it is easy to figure out the stick movements, but youll learn more by going through the visualization process by doing it yourself.

If your flying has hit a plateau and youre just not getting better, take a look at your foundation. You might find, as I often have, that you took a short cut along the learning curve. So, whether youre already wowing the crowd with your mad skills or still learning to hover, Ill bet youll find a few things you can still work on in this article.

First, youre going to need a learning platform, one that is lightning fast to fix and comes with an unlimited supply of free parts. Face it, if you want to learn 3D youre going to crash; thats why I learn most of my tricks on a simulator before I try them for real on my helicopters.

Simulators allow you to make mistakes and they are all painless. However, no-pain crashes can make you lazy; so, to really benefit from your time on the simulator, each practice session must have a goal. Dont just fly around, allowing the helicopter to go wherever it wants; be focused and diligent in your efforts. If you are working on forward flips, work on doing them in the same place and at the same altitude. If youre working on forward flight figure eights, work on maintaining your speed and altitude and be sure you are centering the maneuvers on the field.

Apply this precision to each move as you learn it. Though more difficult, this level of precision will help you learn faster and ensure the skills you learn on the simulator carry over to the field.


Being able to correct for position is a critically important skill to master for each maneuver and orientation. It may sound simple, but you will need a heli that is capable of 3D flight and properly set-up to do so. Not every heli can fly 3D, it is important to do your research and ensure the heli you choose will perform the way you want.

I am a firm believer in quality over quantity here. Get the best helicopter and electronics you can afford. A good learning 3D helicopter should be agile, with quick cyclic and collective response, but it should also hover well, fly smoothly and the tail should be rock solid whether you are in a hover or falling like a rock in a tail slide.

When youre making your choice, dont be fooled by the box: collective-pitch helicopters that have motor-driven tails are not 3D trainers. Can they 3D? Of course, but they never do it as well as a helicopter with a driven tail. So, buy a proven 3D design with good cyclic servos and a great gyro coupled with a top-shelf tail servo. I know many people that have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars and countless hours trying to make their marginal helicopters fly well.

Instead of learning while flying, they waste their time fixing and tinkering. Suddenly, that inexpensive knock-off isnt such a killer deal. You are not going to learn anything from a touchy and unstable platform.Your 1 Source for RC Models. Live chat. Looking for an RC model helicopter flying experience made for thrill-seeking hobbyists? Built for maximum performance and exhilarating agility, these are premium-quality RC aircraft that feature cutting edge technology at affordable prices.

Sport RC helicopters are designed with 3D flying in mind. These RC helicopters are very powerful and extremely agile, able to exceed the flight envelope of a full size helicopter. These model aircraft are available in several sizes, but even the small ones are powerful and fast!

In addition, they come packed with all sorts of innovative features, including 6-axis gyro stabilization for beginners, high-efficiency brushless outrunner motors, USB 2s battery charger for longer flight times, multiple flight modes, digital metal gear servos, and much more!

Another unique aspect of our Sport and 3D RC helicopters is their structural design. Many of our models are flybarless and built of incredibly lightweight yet strong materials like carbon fiber, meaning that you get a fantastic flying experience out of a model that can handle anything you throw at it with ease in a lightweight, agile form factor!

Additionally, our Sport and 3D RC helicopters come in a wide variety of vivid color schemes. Striking reds, fluorescent yellows, and bright blues make these zippy little models far easier to spot from a distance, giving you a greater sense of their incredible speed and maneuverability. Fear not, for we have a wide selection of affordable replacement parts and accessories designed for your specific model.

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Sport and 3D Radio-Controlled (RC) Helicopters

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Back to Electronics Software. Back to Electronics Switches. Back to main menu Power.RC Channels Simply speaking, the more channels the RC helicopter has, the more control options you will have! Experienced pilots might want a channel RC helicopter for jaw dropping stunts and tricks! Condition If you want a new product or if you would rather save some money with a refurbished. Breathe easy because all of Hobbytron's refurbished products are guaranteed to be in "good as new condition" and comes with a 45 day true warranty!

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3d rc helicopter

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3d rc helicopter

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Live chat. At Motion RC, we embrace change. For us, this means ever-expanding our selection of radio-controlled RC helicopters to ensure that passionate aerial hobbyists always have the latest and most innovative products available to them. Every product featured below is a new release, and you can expect our selection to be regularly updated as new products are made available.

We always supply the latest and greatest products for our customers to experience and enjoy, including the newest RC helicopters from popular brands such as RotorScale, XK, Roban, and Align. We always receive a diverse selection of RC helicopters that enable aerial hobbyists of all ages and expertise to get airborne and have a wonderful experience.

The purpose of regularly adding new RC helicopters to our online store is that they allow for new experiences, which are created by new innovations and design elements that continue to evolve the experience.

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Many of our new RC helicopters include features such as gyro stabilization technology for enhanced intermediate skill growth, lightweight components and brushless motors for improved agility and durability, panic recovery and progressive flight modes, collective pitch rotor systems and flybarless mechanics. We know the ins and outs of every aspect of each model we have in stock, with a collection of parts and components that will help owners of any of our RC helicopters to get off the ground and into the air quickly.

Our new RC helicopters are available in many color schemes, builds and model types that introduce new excitement and revitalization to this much-adored hobby. Use the filter menu on the left to narrow your search results or browse all new RC Helicopters.

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